About Me

I'm currently an Economics PhD student at Columbia University in New York.

I am originally from Tel Aviv, but have lived in the Northeast most of my life. I graduated from Boston University in May 2014 with degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics.


My research interests lie primarily in industrial organization. I work on both theoretical and empirical projects that focus around the consequences of information acquisition, disclosure, and usage in competitive settings.

Working Papers

Competing Bandits: The Perils of Exploration under Competition (w/ Kevin Liu, Alex Slivkins, Steven Wu)


Training Data Poisoning in Imperfect Information Games (w/ Natania Wolansky, Jisha Jacob, Iddo Drori) [GitHub] - Poster Presentation at New York Academy of Sciences Annual Machine Learning Symposium


Teaching Assistant for Simon Lee - Introduction to Econometrics (Spring 2018)
"Data TA" - Assisting students with their programming and econometric questions (Spring 2017)[Slides on a Programming Tutorial for Economists]
Teaching Assistant for Xavier Sala-i-Martin - Economic Growth and Development (Fall 2017)

Miscellaneous Writings

Product Experimentation with PlanOut and React

Software Projects

Most of my code can be seen on my GitHub.

The technologies I am interested in mainly revolve around tools for running experiments (especially in online contexts) and tools for sane scientific computing (Julia)

Open Source Projects
PlanOut.js - A JavaScript port of Facebook's PlanOut Experimentation Framework
react-experiments - React components for implementing UI experiments
Scientist4J - A port of Github's Refactoring tool Scientist in Java
Queueing.jl - Stochastic Queueing simulations in Julia
Bandits.jl - Multi-armed bandit simulations in Julia

Industry Projects
RequestNow[Boston Globe]
Sidekick by HubSpot
HubSpot Workflows

Other Random Stuff
Besides all this stuff I mainly like to read, watch films, write, watch/play soccer and basketball, aimlessly wander around NYC, and take walks all too frequently. I also dislike CSS :).