• The Perils of Exploration under Competition: A Computational Modeling Approach (w/ Kevin Liu, Alex Slivkins, Steven Wu)
    • Proceedings of the 20th ACM conference on Economics and Computation (EC'19)
    • arXiv     ACM     talk
    • Short Abstract: Many online platforms learn from interactions with users, and explore: make potentially suboptimal choices for the sake of acquiring new information. We study the interplay between exploration and competition for users. We run extensive numerical experiments in a stylized duopoly model, asking whether/when competition incentivizes better algorithms for exploration.

Working Papers

  • The Economic Consequences of Data Privacy Regulation: Empirical Evidence from GDPR (w/ Yeon-Koo Che, Tobias Salz)
    • Paper     NBER      SSRN
    • Coverage: Marginal Revolution
    • Short Abstract: We empirically study the effects of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the ability of firms to collect consumer data, identify consumers over time, accrue revenue via online advertising, and predict their behavior.
  • Recommenders' Originals: Integrated Recommender Systems and Vertical Foreclosure (w/ Duarte Goncalves)
    • Paper
    • Short Abstract: We study a model of strategic interaction between producers and a monopolist platform that employs a recommendation system. We characterize the consumer welfare implications of the platform’s entry into the production market and ask whether/when such entry is welfare decreasing.

Works in Progress

  • Adaptive Efficient Coding (w/ Michael Woodford)
  • Deconstructing the Filter Bubble: Consumer Decision-Making and Recommender Systems (w/ Duarte Goncalves, Shan Sikdar)


  • Training Data Poisoning in Imperfect Information Games (w/ Jisha Jacob, Natania Wolansky, Iddo Drori)
    • Presented at 2019 New York Academy of Sciences Annual Machine Learning Symposium
    • Poster


At Columbia University, I was a teaching assistant for:
  • "Data TA" - help seminar and honors thesis students with programming and econometrics (Spring 2018, Spring 2020)
  • Introduction to Econometrics for Simon Lee (Spring 2019)
  • Economic Growth and Development for Xavier Sala-i-martin (Fall 2017)


Open Source Software
  • Front-end Product Experimentation Tools around PlanOut
  • Scientist4J - A port of Github's refactoring tool in Java (~6000 downloads/month)
Industry Projects